The Youth Development Program aims to provide essential training, mentoring and coaching to the youth through self-directed online programs, webinars, group coaching and mentoring events, on a wide range of subjects to enhance their personal and professional growth.

Our development programs are open to all youth from 18 years and above. It is not just open to a select few of young people measured by academic criteria or those who meet some other predetermined qualification criteria. The only criteria that must be met is to be fully committed to personal development and growth, enthusiasm for continuous learning and a burning desire to making a positive contribution to the lives of others and the community.


To check if this program is for you, please review the following questions and give your honest appraisal of your current position:

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions above you are in the right place, so keep browsing.


Our development programs are not intended to substitute for academic or professional learning and certification. They are complimentary, augment existing knowledge and skills, and enable participants to take their personal and professional growth to a higher level.

There are no academic requirements for any of our programs other than a willingness to learn and a commitment to applying the learning consistently in order to improve. The majority of the development programs are free and can be accessed anytime.

There are other programs that you can also take for a fee. All paid programs have been subsidised to make them affordable to as many people who wish to take them as possible.

Our programs and the resources are most suited to:

  1. Young adults who are interested in maximising their abilities and acquiring the essential skills they need to create a successful future for themselves.
  2. People who are interested in their personal and professional development and are committed to continuous learning and growth.
  3. Young adults who are clear on their goals but need guidance and coaching to achieve their most important goals.
  4. Those seeking to make a career change and break into new industries or sectors.
  5. New graduates who are unsure of their next move in breaking into their dream careers.
  6. University & college students who want to get the most out of their studies and get better equipped with taking their first step in securing their dream careers